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Hello Raspberry Pi fans. Here at Sensorian we are familiar with the need makers have for creating their ideas based on a platform they are familiar with. That’s why we created the Sensorian Raspberry Pi® shield, an add-on sensor board that transforms all Raspberry Pi® models into the Internet of Things (IOT) platform you always wanted.

We created an extensive set of Python and C libraries for each sensor so that developers can focus on their ideas instead of getting bogged down with low-level details. Sensorian makes is trivial to deploy your own weather dashboard, create your own tactile interface, or use an LED as a new-email indicator, and many more projects. Moreover, all libraries are open source so you can easily port them to your software framework or programming language of choice. On this blog we are going to share project ideas and handy tips.

Now however we need your help. Hardware manufacturing depends on the economies of scale and this is exactly where you as a Raspberry Pi user can lend a supporting hand. Preorder your Sensorian shield today and support us on Kickstarter.

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